PART ONEOnline Study Skills and Time Management Module In three sentences, ide

PART ONE: Online Study Skills and Time Management Module
In three sentences, identify and summarize the key characteristics of your time management personality type revealed in the module. 
Next, choose one of the following areas from the module:  Time Management, Assignment Organization, or Avoiding Procrastination and describe two strategies from the module that you will utilize in your classes to help you achieve academic success.
PART TWO: Life Factors (Student Readiness Questionnaire) – Use complete sentences to answer each question. 
Time: What things in your life may interfere with the time you need to study? What measures will you take that will allow you to devote the necessary time to your coursework without risking burnout?
Place: Describe some places that are available to you for working on school related activities. Consider those things that make a positive environment for academic activities.
Reason: Why are you continuing your education?  “To get a degree” seems the obvious answer.  But how will that degree benefit you? How will your life be different upon completion of the degree? 
Resources: Who is part of your support system? In what ways will these individuals or groups of people support you as you continue your education?  How has each person or group of people supported and encouraged you in achieving your goals?
Skills: Think about what you did in the past to be academically successful. What study strategies did you employ or how did you seek assistance to help you complete your tasks successfully?


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