PL201 Introduction to Philosophy 4 Assignment Short Paper on Aristotle concept

PL201 Introduction to Philosophy 4 Assignment “Short Paper on Aristotle concept of Eudaimonia”
Aristotle maintains that the highest good is ‘happiness’ (‘eudaimonia’ in Greek). Please write an essay about Aristotle’s concept of eduaimonia that answers the following questions:
1.    What, in your own words, does Aristotle mean by ‘eudaiomonia’?
2.    For Aristotle, does the highest good of happiness include those moments when you experience intense pleasure? Why or why not?
3.    If, for Aristotle, eudaimonia is not simply a matter of experiencing pleasure, what else might it involve?
Please ensure that your essay addresses each component of the assigned questions and that your answer is well-organized, uses excellent, college-level prose, and makes judicious use of textual evidence. Your essay should be 600-900 words long.


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