——————————————————Please don’t ask for hanss

——————————————————Please don’t ask for hansshake before reading——————————–
you have to read the following chapter and answer one of the questions based on your understanding of the reading. The exercise is 350 words long (-/+10%) and the exercise should be in response to the question. 
The reading for this exercise:
You have to read Part 2 and Intermezzo, pp. 69-218 from the above reading 
And the questions for you to choose from:
– How does the crisis of Modernity determine sovereign power?
– How does crisis operate in post-modernity?
Objective of the exercise: 
To encourage a continuous engagement with the material. To train the students in developing and writing an argument. To hone the writing skills of the students. To assist the students in a gradual understanding of the concept of sovereignty.
Marking Criteria:
1. Relevance –  Particularly well focused and fully engaged.
2. Strength of Argument – Particularly perceptive; detailed; welldeveloped; consistent and convincing.
3. Use of Evidence – Full command of textual evidence; a broad range of well-chosen quotations.
4. Presentation – Particularly fluent; excellent command of grammar, spelling, punctuation, paragraphing; full referencing and bibliography
– Please dont use any outside research from the web, it has to be only the reading that i have given. 
– Also, when you quote something from the reading please use the page numbers of that particular reading example (p.15). 
– Use many evidence from the reading.
– Dont use complicated English because when I am presenting in class, I should be able to understand what i am talking about. 
– In case you dont understand the questions, Please don’t ask for the handshake.


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