an introduction for my essay

I need an introduction for my essay that is below like a hook attention gather because i did the body and conclusion and i just need a intoduction

College v.s high school

It easy to make friends in high school than in college. In high school, my friends are with me in all my classes for a whole year.They are all my age and we always have time to hang out together because all our focus is on school and we have no other responsibilities.In college; however, there are different people in different ages in each class.Most of them are older than me and have responsibilities.No one is free to hang out. For example, in high school,I used to have more friends than in college. Now, I don’t have friends because most of my classmates are older than me, married, have jobs or other responsibilities. In contrast to high school, it is hard to make friends in college because of the age differences and no time to hang out.

High school is less requiring than college. In high school we don’t need to pay for classes because they are free for everyone.on the contrary, college has tuition for all classes and it is expensive. Additionally, high school doesn’t have too many requirements like college.For example,when i applied for Marymount University they want a good GPA and a high SAT score or IELTS,but high school only asks for records to make sure the students are well behaved.

However, College is more flexible than high school. In college, you can pick your own classes whenever you want. you can pick the time and the day of the class that is convenient to you. On the other hand,in high school, you can not pick neither your classes nor the time and day. For example, in college, I can pick what I want because I don’t like morning classes. So,all my classes are in the afternoons, yet my classes in high school are all in the morning from 8 am to 4 pm. Overall, college is different than high school regarding flexibility.

College is less stressful than high school. In college, there is a lot of homework but the due dates are after two weeks or more, and we have a lot of time to complete it. However, in high school there is a lot of homework for each class and they are all due in the same week . For example, in college they give us a syllabus for the whole semester, yet in high school there is no syllabus and many assignments are due on the same week. Altogether, there is less pressure in college than high school.

Overall ,college is different than high school . it is more flexible because we can choose classes, times and is less stressful because all the due dates for the assignment are after 2 weeks or more. one the other hand it is easy to make friends in high school than college because they are at my age and they don’t have a lot of responsibility .aslo high school has less requirements because it doesn’t require any tution or require a high GPA score.