Assignment: Creating a Text-

The Module 2 Assignment will focus on the production and post-production phases of the multimedia LO. In the production phase, you develop and/or procure all elements (text and images) needed for the production. In the post-production phase, you edit all of the elements of text and imagery into the final product.

Now that you have designed your LO and received feedback from the Instructor and your classmates, you will develop the LO in full. You may build the LO directly in your website or you may use any desktop publishing or presentation tools with which you are familiar and then upload the LO to your website.

Use a search engine to find free tools, use Google tools, or Zoho tools to create documents, presentations, etc.

For each LO, you will create an assessment that will serve as an analysis tool as to what the viewer learned from your LO. For this purpose, use an online survey tool, such as Google Forms, Zoho Surveys, Typeform, etc. Once you create the assessment, provide a link to it on the same website page as the LO. (See the Module 1 Learning Resources for links to tools you can use.)

Part 1

The final product for this Application Assignment is an LO that instructs a process or an idea. Create the LO as a web page or a downloadable file on your website.

  • One to three learning objectives that provide learners with a clear indication of what to expect and what is expected of them when viewing the LO
  • Static text and images only
  • Instructional content based on Module 1 and 2 multimedia principles
  • Layout using visual design principles
  • An assessment that addresses the learning objectives
  • An annotated bibliography citing at least two research studies (PhD, EdD, or EdS students) or journal articles (EdS students only) that support the learning topic presented


To access your rubric:
Module 2 Assignment Rubric


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